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Welcome Friends –

Sorry I missed last week. Was visiting family and dealing with the aftermath of a storm and then some business issues that came up.

This week’s post is written with a pondering heart while resting on ‘the hill’ and is a gift for each of you who ‘climb the hill’ and ponder.

I hope you enjoy….

The Hill

It is dark as I climb the hill,

so dark  I see no horizon. No moon. No stars. Only dark. I move slowly,  arms outstretched, feeling for trees to steer clear of, branches to grab and stones to avoid so as not to trip and stumble. I am sore, bruised and weary. What is this hill I climb? Why am I here? Why do I climb it? What sits at the top?  Why do I seek it?

I stop and sit -to rest and to ponder these things. Sitting thus, looking down into the blackness from where I have come, it looks no different than from where I am going – all is darkness.

Why am I climbing this hill?

Because it’s here.

But why am I here?

Because I’m alive.

I live – therefore I climb.


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This weeks blog post is in conjunction with the Blog-A-licious Blog Tour. I am pleased to be on the tour along with some very interesting and informative writers. At the bottom of this post will be a listing of the addresses of the other bloggers discussing this weeks subject. I encourage you to visit them also.

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The topic for this week’s Blog-A-licious Blog Tour is:

 “The Book that Inspires me the Most”.

Okay, dk – what book inspires you the most? Wow! That’s a tough one. Kinda like going to a Baskin’s Ice Cream parlor and having to choose one flavor for the rest of your life.


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It all started with the cave man – bonking his mate on the head and dragging her into his cave. Ahhh, The blessed wedding night!  

Honeymoon in a cave?

How times have changed…

…It’s 1837 now andHoney-lunacy is becoming quite popular being a far cry from the common “wedding night walk” where many a wedding night was ruined by going from one local establishment to another, with the entire entourage of family and friends in tow! By the time the bride and groom were finally alone on this once in a lifetime (?) night… they were useless to one another, if still conscious.


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Silently the moon hides, the earth is black.

So black you cannot see the hand held in front of your face. The sky opens and the moon winks from behind the clouds offering you the silhouettes of the trees.

The moon likes playing with the earth.

The ground is cold and damp but warms quickly from your body as you sit on a cushion of leaves and dew-laden grass. The crisp pungent odor of earth mingled with fallen leaves rises from the ground – the perfume of the forest.  You breathe in, pulling the fragrance deep into your soul. It mixes with your blood, flows through your body filling it with the essence of earth. “From dust you came and to dust shall you return“. You merge with the forest.

You are alive. The forest knows you and it welcomes you.


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