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Come – walk with me let’s step back in time together –  let’s roll the hands of the big clock back. No -no – not that little one on the wall. I mean the ‘big’ one – the ‘big clock of life‘. You know, the one that’s measured in years and centuries. Let’s roll it back, ohhhh, shall we say – 10,000 years or so. Back to a time when the only technology was the layers of time etched in a rock or the rings of life buried in a tree.  Back to a time when there is no combustion engine – no Twitter –  no electricity – no war (?), well no people as we know them, anyway.

Back to a time when God walked the planet.

Let’s walk His Creation…and maybe He’ll walk with us…

along the shores of the steep canyon, where the impatient River races to join with the ‘Big Water’ up North, cutting a wide trench through the land, slicing a deep scar across the face of the earth.

It hasn’t been given a name yet – but walk with me along the shore of what we know will one day… be called “Niagara”.

We travel down the side of the canyon, carefully watching the placement of our feet and clinging tightly to our life, gripping the growth of the steep wall to secure our journey downward.

Down… down... down the sides of the great trench.


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He liked being alone in the woods long before the sun’s first light broke upon the trees, piercing a darkness so thick you could feel it peel away from your skin as you stealthily moved through the cold night air. It was a comfort the old man yearned for in a world turned upside down for him.

In those pre-dawn hours, alone in the forest, the night cold and close around him, the world was a different place and time – a special place and time – his place and time. A place and time found nowhere else on earth. Where the ‘day’ creatures were slowly waking up, preparing to forage and the ‘night’ creatures were silently slipping through the darkness, to beat the approaching light, scurrying to the safety of their “homes”. It’s the quiet time in nature’s clock, when the mind and soul can find that single thread of unity that enables understanding – and healing.


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Being born and raised in the Niagara Frontier, I grew up on the Niagara River – above the great Falls.  I spent my formative years as a ‘river rat’ – not in awe of the mighty cataracts, but in fear of it, seeing them as a threat to my upper river escapades. More than once myself and my fellow ‘rats’ barely escaped the ominous current as we tubed down the river or drift fished off of Navy Island. The Falls to us was something not to be marveled at but were held in great fear and to be avoided at all costs.

That perspective changed the first time I went down into the gorge below the Falls (during summer of course – I wasn’t as crazy my ‘boys’ were to go in winter) and “discovered” the lower river. There, like Saul on the road to Damascus, I was overcome by the wonder of the river and consumed by the mystery of it. (more…)

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Well – thanks to my wonderful friend – Emlyn Chand – this blog is now up and running!  She had done a wonderful job of developing and designing this beautiful, artistic page and I have had the good fortune to spend some enjoyable time with her which has proven to be very valuable in understanding this media. She is also an author and as such understands both, the social media and the writing. Please visit her at her blog Emlynchand.com or noveltypubilcity.com

Writing in the Woods combines my love for the outdoors with my love for writing. I love both separately and sometimes on rare occasions I’m blessed with the supreme joy of combining both into one. This blog will be a mixing bowl where ingredients of thoughts, questions, insights and musings will be  slow layered together to produce a ‘bread’ called ‘me’. Hopefully there’ll be enough leven in the dough for it to rise high and strong.

In order to get the right mix of ingredients, I’ll be posting reviews of books that add either nutrients or spices into the recipe. Author interviews along with your thoughts and comments will all blend together to produce bread unlike any other having a unique texture, aroma and taste.

‘Hiking’ will journey over land  –  across waters – or into the wilderness of our minds.  Who knows what we may find as we hike along the pathways of our lives and our minds?  For me – it’s the journey that’s important – and the destination will take care of itself.

Thank you for joining me!  Let the journey begin.

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