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I hear a lot about God these days.

Seems everyone is talking about Him.

Turn on the TV and it’s overflowing with preachers shouting to the world it’s God’s plan for them to be prosperous, wealthy and healthy. Of course – the “them” they’re referring to is ‘themselves’.

Turn the channels and it’s full of all the ‘talking heads’ blaming God for all the evil, murders and wars in the world.

Turn it again and it’s people crying out to God in despair from the disasters, suffering and sickness.

Turn it once more it’s nations and peoples fighting and killing one another about whose God will reign.

Scriptures are quoted – books are written – songs are sung and prayers are spoken.

Learned men say there is no God. Others say this one is God or that one is God. Still others proclaim that you are God and I am God.

Everyone speaks of God and has an opinion about God.  It gets a person kind of  wondering – “Does anyone know God?”

Every Sunday  the masses file into the churches – all kinds and types of masses filling all kinds of and types of churches. I’ve watched them for many decades now. Forty years ago they wore suits and dresses – today they wear jeans and tee shirts.  They sing a few songs, check each other out, say a corporate prayer or two , listen to a sermon (mostly motivational pep talks) and head on back to their lives – the same as they came.

Do they know anything more than all the ‘talking heads’? Do they know God? Are they any different than those who say there is no God? Is there such a thing as a “God believing Atheist”?

If God is real – shouldn’t we know Him?  Shouldn’t we feel Him?  Shouldn’t our lives reflect knowing and feeling Him? Afterall – we’re talking about the creator of the universe!

IF we should know Him – why is it that the world doesn’t? Why is there so much confusion about it? Why don’t we see Him?

Or do we and we close our eyes to it?

The beauty of the world is all around us. Is that God?

No – the watch is not the watchmaker.


…If there’s a watch – then there’s a watchmaker.

Can we know the watchmaker?

If we can see the watch – we can see the watchmaker.

Why don’t more see the watchmaker?

Because it’s scary. It makes one feel small and vulnerable. You see -to know the watchmaker – we must recognize that we are a part of the watch.  Inside the watch – there’s a tiny space – a secret place – where we can see and know the watchmaker.

Until we find that place – we remain on the outside of the watch- looking in – whether you’re a church goer or not.

Knowing the watchmaker carries an accountability – to the watch. We must now perform our small assigned role within the complex mechanism of the watch to keep it running and working as the watchmaker designed.  We can not longer live a self-centered life – but need to live a life of obedience to the watchmaker to keep the watch working smoothly without defect.

Seeing and knowing the watchmaker is not a second-hand experience with some songs and pep talks.

After all – why have a cup of water when you can dive in?

If there’s a watch…then there’s a watchmaker…If there’s a watchmaker…the watch can know Him – if we choose to.

Until Next Time:

Embrace Life’s Bridges – For they Define Who You Are

DK LeVick

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