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Hello All –

Been tied up this past week with a lot of things that have taken up all my time – and energy. Sometimes life takes us along on a ride and there’s not much we can do except fight to stay upright and ride it through.  We’re doing just that.

But – I did get to publish a story on Amazon and Smashwords!

And I’m giving it to you as a gift from me. Go to Smashwords and search for “Potatoes  dk levick”.  Use code # RL64M to buy it free.  It’s a short story so it won’t take much of your time away and I think you’ll enjoy it. If you do – then let me know and I’d appreciate it if you’d leave a review on Smashwords and Amazon too.

If you’re not familiar with Smashwords, then you should check it out and join (it costs nothing to join). You’ll find lots of good writing there. Once you get something you can download it in various forms. The one I like best is .mobi which is the Kindle format. If you don’t have a Kindle that’s not an issue. You can go to Amazon.com and click on “All Departments” and then search for “Kindle for PC” and you can download the Kindle software to run on your computer.

That will allow you to gain access to all the Kindle features to include buying books. Once you download from Smashwords you can run it on your computer Kindle. It’s actually better than the Kindle itself because you have full color for the cover and any pictures.

“Potatoes” is a story about an old man who goes back to the scene of an accident. Take a few moments of  your time and take a look at it, I wrote it for you.

Until Next Time:

Embrace Life’s Bridges – For they Define Who You Are

dk Levick

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Welcome back to the Thursday Post of  ‘Writing in the Woods’

This week we’re going to take a breather from building the ‘ark’ or ‘walking the gorge’ and we’re going to do a book review. Oh, I know – book reviews can be dry and boring. Not this time! Not when it’s reviewing a fast paced, mystery that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat…’Trust‘ me.

The great thing about the paradigm that’s transforming the publishing industry is that new voices are rising and new talents are being heard. We’re going to look at the work of one of these new talents whom we’ll be hearing a lot more from as time goes by.

So, come along with me and lets look at:


The Trust

by Sean Keefer.

Book Description

“To attorney Noah Parks, the probate of a will should be a simple task. But the Last Will and Testament of Leonardo Xavier Cross is anything but simple. Though Parks has never heard of Cross, he learns that the Will directs that he provide the legal representation for the estate and as part of his fee he receive the contents of a safety deposit box – a safety deposit box no one knew existed. Intrigued, Parks undertakes the task but after the body count begins to rise the otherwise basic task of probating the will becomes more complicated as each day passes. Despite all of Parks’ skills, the answers he seeks remain elusive and force him to delve deeper into the shocking and deceptive Cross’ family history which sets the stage for an explosive finale that Parks can only hope to survive.”


What’s the recipe for a good summer read?

Well – what could be better than a good, ‘ol southern legal thriller?

Start with a nice quiet law practice in colorful, historic Charleston, South Carolina. Now, populate it with all-around good-guy lawyer (yes there really is such a thing), Noah Parks. He’s not making a million, but then he’s not trying to neither. Life is good for Noah. He’s had his problems, true, but then who hasn’t?  Now, toss in his Aussie dog Austin and add a flirty legal assistant and you have the perfect quiescent setting just ripe for a bomb to drop in from out of the blue.

And author, Sean Keefer, unleashes a cluster-bomb in the form of a demanding, condescending, hotshot Chicago lawyer, an eccentric dead millionaire, a mysterious probate request, a group of dysfunctional heirs and the mystery of a safe deposit box – right square into Noah’s lap.

Mix it all up – pop it into the oven and you have the makings of a hot, page-turning, beach-chair, summer read.

Until the bodies start stacking up when you’ll need to hit the surf to cool off.

Here’s a preview:

Book Trailer for The Trust:


Author Sean Keefer, making his début entry into the literary world, has produced an engaging, dynamic tale of intrigue, mystery and suspense.


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This past Friday, June 15th,  the great Wallenda walked across Niagara Falls.

What is the history of those daring men and women who challenged Niagara over the years?

In tribute to Wallenda’s feat, I’m rerunning a post I did a while back about them.


   Ahhh –  Niagara, nature’s majestic triumph,

                                                             God’s glorious gift to humanity,                                                                                                              

Home of those….


For strange – unknown reasons, NIAGARA has been (and remains) a mystic magnet, pulling in people who have thoughts of fame and fortune or just plain weird and crazy thoughts about becoming a part of the drama of the mighty cataracts – and some fulfill their dream and remain forever in Niagara’s lore (and depths).

“The pictures we liked the best (meaning those we argued the most about) were of those daredevils who’d done those bad-ass tricks and stunts over the Falls. While those pictures were exciting, they made us feel cheated as well, because the cops didn’t let anyone do cool things like that anymore.” Kevin; ‘Bridges – a Tale of Niagara’

Beginning in 1827 (see last week’s post “the ‘Pirate’ ship, the buffalo and the loss of innocence”) and right up to the present, people have challenged Niagara.  Whether it’s the surging brink itself, the powerful whirlpool, the steep walls of the gorge above or the raging rapids below – there’s been a steady stream of human fodder offering themselves to the water god in exchange for a moment of glory. Cowabunga!! 

The age of the Niagara stuntmen had begun!


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It was appalling how quickly the ‘takers’ had converged on the river.

Overnight taverns, hotels, mills and souvenirs shops had sprouted up everywhere, each vying for the best location and view of the mighty Falls to fill their insatiable selfishness and greed.

It was only a few short years earlier that a trip to Niagara, to experience the great cataracts, was both difficult and dangerous, available only to the hardy and the adventurous. Access to Niagara was overland, either by carriage, horseback or on foot. The journey was long, tedious and bruising.  Routes were few, roads were bone jarring and treacherous, taking days to cover only a few miles.

But it was worth it, to see the majesty of creation in its fullest glory and radiance, untouched, unspoiled, unblemished by human intervention. Just the pure beauty and splender of nature.


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It all started with the cave man – bonking his mate on the head and dragging her into his cave. Ahhh, The blessed wedding night!  

Honeymoon in a cave?

How times have changed…

…It’s 1837 now andHoney-lunacy is becoming quite popular being a far cry from the common “wedding night walk” where many a wedding night was ruined by going from one local establishment to another, with the entire entourage of family and friends in tow! By the time the bride and groom were finally alone on this once in a lifetime (?) night… they were useless to one another, if still conscious.


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Hand someone a book about ‘history’ and more times than not they break out into uncontrollable shaking, floundering in a quagmire of forgotten names, dates and places. Upon learning the book was written by a ‘Professor’, brain cells explode in panic as they mentally smell the dry dust whiffing up from the crinkled, yellowed pages. “History? Oh God, no. Dull, boring, meaningless ‘History’! Why me God?’ they cry out in despair.

Yes, we’ve been conditioned well to view history as a succession of names, places and times committed to memory, that might as well exist on Mars for as much relevance placed on them.


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As we watch in awe and wonder at the mighty cataracts thundering their eternal roar and we bathe in the ever-present cloud of moist incense pluming upwards, our minds think back to the well-known “Maid of the Mist” legend.

You know the story right?


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